Lost the Light

A touch of spring and a drop of water,

Seems delicate as such, but they can still falter.

Like an Autumn leaf, brittle and fallen,

is just like your heart once they come calling.

What does this mean? I hear you say,

It means you are fragile at the end of the day.

Just like the spring, your happiness can fade,

And just like the water, your flow can wade.

So know this now, as life leaves its mark,

Know that there is always a world full of dark.

The dark is daunting and cold to the bone,

So it is up to you to find your way home.

Home is where you lay at night,

The place you run to, when you have lost the light.

Scratches Like a Nail

A scratch is nothing, it’s light and weak,

So why does a single day leave you feeling so bleak?

Think for a second if you’re really in pain,

Or do you just miss the feel of love’s gain?

The sky is blue, bright and clear,

Take a deep breath, don’t choke on your fear.

You know what it takes to take a step on,

Take the step now, don’t stop until it’s done!

Heed these words, and you shan’t fail,

To avoid love’s pain when it scratches like a nail.

A New Day

Your days may be dark and lack any hope,

You may crave that someone to help you cope.

Take my word, your hurt will fade,

It may take time, but you will be remade.

You’re may be like a mirror, broken and scattered,

You may feel this once you’ve lost the one that mattered.

But heed my words when I say,

That you’ll be smiling again on a new day.



Love can end as quickly as it starts,

It pulls you deep down and claims your heart.

But what do you do, when all seems lost?

Is it worth the hurt, is it too great a cost?

The end seems dark, bleak and cruel,

But don’t blame yourself, you are not a fool.

The light will return, despite your fear,

Someone will claim you to hide the last tear.

It pains you now, but keep your head high,

Because all is not lost after that final goodbye.

A Touch of Fear

The world is big and full of beautiful things,

These things are the joys, the pleasures the life brings.

But in the night of the sky, before the Sun’s final rhyme,

Comes a touch of fear to kill your time.

But you are not alone, although the world seems bleak,

As there’s love and life to help you seek.

Seek the world as it’s vast a new,

It’s fresh and safe to see you through.

Through your life, from your first word,

Leading to the last time you shall be heard.

A Miracle of Sight

Do you believe in love at first sight?
Or does your heart say “fight or flight”?
The trickle of the watery eye,
My love may shine bright in the sky.
I ask you now, how do you feel?
You can own my heart, the one you may steal.
The circle of life may begin with you,
Forever our love, could forever be true.
I ask you know, and hope you might,
Answer me this, was it a miracle of sight?
The time we share could last forever,
So long as we’re true, wherever, together.
I say this now, as time has passed.
I love you now, and it shall forever last.