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Category: poetry


Sometimes I wonder what I’m doing, Then there’s someone who will correct me. Sometimes I stare into blank spaces, Then there’s someone who changes my focus. Sometimes I sit and day-dream too much, Then there’s someone who tells me I’m deluded. Sometimes I feel like this world isn’t for me, Then there’s someone who tells me I’m damaged. Sometimes the world tries to define you, Then you wonder why they control you. Advertisements

Nothing Feels Right

Nothing feels right, My clothes feel like skin that shouldn’t be there. The air feels intrusive like microscopic invaders, Nothing feels right. I don’t want to open my eyes and see my life broken into hours, Nor do I want to fall asleep and enter a new world with the same horrors. Today is a new day, only with added memories, And even those don’t feel like my own.


A life is like a game of Chess, but with real hearts of brave, There may be sacrifice, but we all play to win. No selfless act is truly heartfelt, No move is always clever. But the one thing that defines us all, Is the will to endeavour

Cut Me Down

Arms open wide, I embrace the rain, The cold air feels like death in motion. I am vulnerable, but I am brave, But I’m not ready for the end.   I love the sky and everything beneath, Even though there’s decay to be seen. There’s treasures to be found, if you know where to look, And there’s more than just gold worth holding on to. Look at me as you wish, but know one thing, Try as you may, but you can’t cut me down.

Viper’s Fang

What burns the most is not the flame, But the dark scars left behind. The singe from life is a cunning pain, Yet I bare it. I’d rather touch a Viper’s fang, As opposed to being left abandoned. I’d drink life’s venom as easily as water, If it meant I’d never feel the heat again.

All For Nothing

I’ll fight the flame if I have to, I’ll feel the burn upon my skin. I know it’ll hurt, but it must be done, In order for me to make it through. It may be tough, and I could easily fall, But my final thoughts will be of your lips. I’ll rage through the storm just to hear you breathe, But I shan’t shed a tear if it is all for nothing.

Life Is Selfish

There was a time, where I was alone, Even though I smile today, the shards are still within. Given time, I’d allow you to feel the sharp ends, But don’t flatter yourself, I don’t fall freely. You should well know, that life ain’t sweet. Life is selfish, So you have to be selfish yourself. For time is not the giver of life, But the dawn of the end that follows the knife.

My Heart Is Your Home

I can taste the pain right on your tongue, And for just a moment, my heart feels numb. I know you’re afraid, but I shan’t hide, For a moment in time can change the tide. I’ll take the heat if it means you’ll smile, Only for you, I’ll walk that mile. Even though the journey is far, I’ll always guide you, wherever you are. Know just this; you are not alone, And tell yourself this; my heart is your home.