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Category: The Dull Story Of My Life

Ew, you sponge off the government?

Seriously, I’m sick of hearing that question. To those of you who haven’t read my previous posts: I’m currently receiving Universal Credit, which, to some people, means I’m stealing your hard-earned money. Trust me, I feel physically sick at the thought of it. Really, I do. I’m the kind of person that has to be occupied. There’s rarely any moment in most days where I don’t want to be doing something. Even writing this blog-post allows me to feel somewhat productive. I despise sitting around, strolling through the internet doing… Read more Ew, you sponge off the government?

A Step Up From Failure

There’s been too many times in my life where I have felt lost, felt that the lights were out. I didn’t know which way to turn or who to turn to, but each time, I got through it. People may tell you that they always have bad, that they have nothing in their life, and although I wish them nothing but good fortune, I believe that they themselves are part to blame. True, sometimes people simply can’t help but live a bad life, sometimes it’s against their will, but a… Read more A Step Up From Failure

Life In My Hands

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed a dog nudging something in the grass. At first glance, the dog was just playing with some dirt, as they do, but curiosity got the better of me. As I approached, I noticed something; no further than two feet in front of me was a still, small bird. My heart stopped. This tiny thing, with feathers so delicate they seemed as thin as snowflakes, was face down on the ground. The worst scenario went through my head. As I chased the dog away,… Read more Life In My Hands

A False Motherhood

Would you say your mother was the best person in your life? I wish I could say that, I wish I had the arms of a mother who wanted me there. Now, I’m not asking for sympathy, quite the opposite. I simply want your opinion, or simply your attention, for a brief moment. When a child is born, is it then that their mother actual becomes a mother? In the eyes of the law, yes. Morally? I don’t think so. The Art of Mothering is what makes you a mother; the… Read more A False Motherhood

Scared of The Dark

Have you ever been afraid of the day that is to follow? I have. I am right now. Tomorrow is a day which I cannot mess up, or else my days will grow worse. It’s human to feel this way. But it’s hard to tell yourself that, hell, even I struggle to tell myself that. Worrying is what gives us that sense of wanting to achieve or impress, that desire to do something good, even if the outcome may not be that bleak. Rejection. That’s what we fear. I hate… Read more Scared of The Dark

Where To Go From Here?

You might be sitting at your computer, or sat hunched over your phone, thinking a multiple number of things. Is one of those thoughts about you growing up? Finding a partner, starting a family, having a successful career? No? Well read on anyway… please? I’ll pay you in cuddled. I remember sitting at the desk one day, writing away at a novel that I had invested at least three years of my life in, comparing my life to those of my characters. One in-particular stood out – it wasn’t a… Read more Where To Go From Here?