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A New Day

Your days may be dark and lack any hope, You may crave that someone to help you cope. Take my word, your hurt will fade, It may take time, but you will be remade. You’re may be like a mirror, broken and scattered, You may feel this once you’ve lost the one that mattered. But heed my words when I say, That you’ll be smiling again on a new day.   Advertisements


Love can end as quickly as it starts, It pulls you deep down and claims your heart. But what do you do, when all seems lost? Is it worth the hurt, is it too great a cost? The end seems dark, bleak and cruel, But don’t blame yourself, you are not a fool. The light will return, despite your fear, Someone will claim you to hide the last tear. It pains you now, but keep your head high, Because all is not lost after that final goodbye.

A Touch of Fear

The world is big and full of beautiful things, These things are the joys, the pleasures the life brings. But in the night of the sky, before the Sun’s final rhyme, Comes a touch of fear to kill your time. But you are not alone, although the world seems bleak, As there’s love and life to help you seek. Seek the world as it’s vast a new, It’s fresh and safe to see you through. Through your life, from your first word, Leading to the last time you shall be… Read more A Touch of Fear

A Day In Your Life

The eyes are weak in the light of day, Yet strong enough to for you to see your way. If this is true, then why do we cry, When a loved one leaves after they walk by? A heart may heal, yet pain shall stay, Then your eyes remind you of those happy days. Your eyes deceive you when the day seems fine, Then your heart my fall, your love may be declined. The Sun is bright and brings you warmth, Yet you cling to a loved one until you… Read more A Day In Your Life

Is This Goodbye?

Perhaps I’m just over thinking. Perhaps this isn’t the end. Or is it? The sound of trains screech as they depart the station. Hurried passengers pant and groan as they make their way through the thick crowd of people, but all I can hear are the world coming from his lips. It seems strange, that we miss the people we claim we care about, as though they give out lives meaning. But do they really? His lips seems to move so slowly. Or is that my head trying to keep… Read more Is This Goodbye?

One Moment In Time

For that one moment, he didn’t care about age, and for that one moment, he wanted the world to see what he was seeing. His wife to be. As he looked fondly into the eyes of his lover with long, brown silk like hair, a complexion of perfection and eyes as flawless as a cut diamond, he smiled, and he didn’t wish to hide it. This was their one moment in time to be together without a single care in the world. The man stood, hand in hand at the… Read more One Moment In Time

Speak The Truth

A single word can mean so much, It often means more than a single touch. Words touch the mind and last forever, Even if there’s not much time to be spent together. Heed those words and make them last, As they shall be a memory that remains fresh in the past. Words speak loud to reach your ears, Perhaps that’s why they chase away your fears. The words ‘I love you’ are delicate and true, More delicate than the actions which are made by you. Your actions are fast, but… Read more Speak The Truth

The Child That Lived

His smile could bring life to a million flowers, his laugh could light up the world. He lives in a world that frown upon those who are deemed different, different in a way that seems out of the ordinary. His name was Leon, and to the world, he was different. Upon birth, Leon had a condition known as spina bifida, meaning his legs could never move. Many people would feel sorry for themselves, others would try to fit into a world that would never accept them, yet Leon gave a… Read more The Child That Lived