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I Love You Now, I Love You Forever

Hold on, my dear, The world is not only filled with fear. We shall make it, I trust, Together we’ll survive, together we must. Hold on, my dear, you’ll never be alone, As long as I’m here, your sadness shall never be set in stone. I love you now, I love you forever, You know I’m here, as we’re here together. Do you fear the worst, do you fear the dark? Or do you simply want to leave your mark? I love you now, I love you forever, I’ll make… Read more I Love You Now, I Love You Forever

Your Life Is A Gift

Although the sky remains bright and clear, There are people down below who linger in fear. You may have it bad, worst than most, But others find their hands tied to a post. Your life is a gift, don’t give up, Because deep down, you know it’s a silly hiccup. A chance is there to turn it around, Just be grateful to know your life won’t stay upside down. Just take a moment to look at the world and think, That people get hurt, their lives thrown down the sink.… Read more Your Life Is A Gift

One Night Over

It’s a universally known truth that a man or woman will always feel a deep pain when it comes to a lack of lust in their life, even if they deny it. It’s human nature. Woman are more likely to express this feeling, yet men fear that their ‘man card’ will be taken away from them if they so much a shed an inch of light on their soppy love life. It was roughly 3am, I couldn’t really tell as it was too dark, but I got a glimpse of… Read more One Night Over

The Queen In Red – Welcome To My Truth

If the light that shines down on me is forever to be a sight I see, then I simply do not wish to see it. If the air that brings me life is forever shared by the people I have grown to hate, then I do not wish to live amongst them. It is true, my head is as large as my heart is black, but my face is a deception of the truth, a lie of what I truly feel and love. My “beloved” sister, the White Queen, with… Read more The Queen In Red – Welcome To My Truth

There will come a point in your life when you will realise that you don’t need love to live. You can live with the thrill of life itself

Take a leaf out of life; the night always clouds over the light of the world, but it never remains dark for too long. The same goes for you life. A sad moment will always pass, and the happiness fill flood back into your life.

Live Like The World

A cloudy day can be a sign, That what is to come, can perhaps shine. Your life is like the world, beautiful and new, Don’t take those chances you don’t know are true. The night may die, yet it shall always turn clear, The same goes for you, the same goes for fear. Look through your eyes, not your heart, Or else you’ll remain at very start. A day may be done, yet it’s to begin a new, Just like your life, as you planned it for two. Today may… Read more Live Like The World

A Miracle of Sight

Do you believe in love at first sight? Or does your heart say “fight or flight”? The trickle of the watery eye, My love may shine bright in the sky. I ask you now, how do you feel? You can own my heart, the one you may steal. The circle of life may begin with you, Forever our love, could forever be true. I ask you know, and hope you might, Answer me this, was it a miracle of sight? The time we share could last forever, So long as… Read more A Miracle of Sight