Love can end as quickly as it starts,

It pulls you deep down and claims your heart.

But what do you do, when all seems lost?

Is it worth the hurt, is it too great a cost?

The end seems dark, bleak and cruel,

But don’t blame yourself, you are not a fool.

The light will return, despite your fear,

Someone will claim you to hide the last tear.

It pains you now, but keep your head high,

Because all is not lost after that final goodbye.


A Touch of Fear

The world is big and full of beautiful things,

These things are the joys, the pleasures the life brings.

But in the night of the sky, before the Sun’s final rhyme,

Comes a touch of fear to kill your time.

But you are not alone, although the world seems bleak,

As there’s love and life to help you seek.

Seek the world as it’s vast a new,

It’s fresh and safe to see you through.

Through your life, from your first word,

Leading to the last time you shall be heard.

A Day In Your Life

The eyes are weak in the light of day,

Yet strong enough to for you to see your way.

If this is true, then why do we cry,

When a loved one leaves after they walk by?

A heart may heal, yet pain shall stay,

Then your eyes remind you of those happy days.

Your eyes deceive you when the day seems fine,

Then your heart my fall, your love may be declined.

The Sun is bright and brings you warmth,

Yet you cling to a loved one until you are torn.

A cloud brings darkness and shady sights,

As does your loved one with another love life.

Is This Goodbye?

Perhaps I’m just over thinking. Perhaps this isn’t the end. Or is it?

The sound of trains screech as they depart the station. Hurried passengers pant and groan as they make their way through the thick crowd of people, but all I can hear are the world coming from his lips. It seems strange, that we miss the people we claim we care about, as though they give out lives meaning. But do they really?

His lips seems to move so slowly. Or is that my head trying to keep hold of the moment? Whichever it is, it’s painful to watch as he bid his farewell, possibly for the last time. And I can think of nothing other than the next time I set my eyes on his, if that moment is ever to occur again.

Distance is the biggest challenge of all. Loyalty is just a great a risk. Love, is the biggest killer. My heart both flutters and wails, refusing to sway to one side. It’s almost too much to bare.

“Tell me when you’re home safely.” I force myself to say as I hold back the tears. I don’t want him to see me cry. “We aren’t having a sad goodbye, this time.” I keep repeating in my head. But he always knew a sadness would fall upon me. Deep down, he knows how much I care for him, and I almost believe he cares too.

“I will. You too.” He checks his watch, comparing it to the time of the train’s departure. “I’m going to head off now.” He smiles, yet it fades as his eyes examine my face. It’s as though he can see the tears that have now built up behind my eyes, even though they refuse to step into the light.

I hug him tightly, burying my head into his should as though afraid. But I am afraid. Afraid that Once I let go, he’s gone forever. Afraid that this moment in time will fade too soon. Afraid of everything.

“Is this goodbye?” I ask shyly as I pull away from his. My hands instantly find the grasp of one-another to hide their trembling. My head has already fallen to the ground, for I cannot bare to see his face if the answer is the dreaded “yes”.

“No, it’s not goodbye. It’s see you soon.” He said confidently. I notice his weary smile as I allow my eyes to flick up for a moment, before they fall to his feet. Even if I never see his face again, I never want to look away for a moment. I find myself rushing back to his warmth, possibly for the last time. It seems to last for no longer than a second, and even though the hug is brief, I almost forget why we are here.

“Goodbye.” He spoke for the final time before turning his head, moving his feet away from me, and towards the train. I fail to say goodbye back, as my voice is caught in my dry, painful throat. I want to call out to him, and tell him that I love him, but I know he doesn’t love me, at least not truly.

He boards the train without as much as a glance back to me, yet I watch as he fades from my… And that’s it. Gone, but not forgotten. Is this the way it is to be? Forever saddened by the departure of a loved one? Or is this time different? Will I ever see him again?

Is this really goodbye?

One Moment In Time

For that one moment, he didn’t care about age, and for that one moment, he wanted the world to see what he was seeing. His wife to be.

As he looked fondly into the eyes of his lover with long, brown silk like hair, a complexion of perfection and eyes as flawless as a cut diamond, he smiled, and he didn’t wish to hide it. This was their one moment in time to be together without a single care in the world.

The man stood, hand in hand at the altar with the love of his life whom he met so many years ago on that special evening. Together they danced, smiled, laughed and stumbled as they were caught in each other’s gaze. It was almost love at first sight.

The conversed words of love echoed through the room, creating a memory in the minds of those who watched fondly, friends and family alike. There was not a single dry eye to be seen.

The man slipped the ring onto his fiancée’s delicate hand, trying not to drop the round piece of metal as his hand shook violently, but soon, it was on, and there it was to stay for the years to come. Soon, another ring was exchanged, this time given to the man by a woman who was evidently just as nervous. And then it was done. They were now husband and wife.

The day entailed with further smiles as the happily married couple drank and danced the night away. Their first dance together was almost like their first encounter with one another; the same smiles, the same wide eyes, the same everything, but now, they could call themselves more than friends.

The man wished the night would never end as he laughed with old friends, danced ridiculously with hyperactive children, and sang his heart out on the karaoke before stuffing his face with cake. It was a night to remember, a night to never forget.


He gently clicked laptop lid closed and looked to his wife, who was now laying silently in her bed, smiling with her eyes closed. Together, they lived the happiest day of both their lives, revisiting a life full of everything other than regret. The years had passed from that one day. That one moment in time has led to this, their final moment in time together. The end of their moment had come.

The man placed his hand on his wife’s, clutching her fingers with his. He climbed on the bed which she lay in, wrapped his arms around her to hold her close one last time. He had forever told her that he would be there to hold her tight until the end of time, and now, that time had come, and his wife faded from the world, dying in the place she loved most – In the arms of her husband.

Speak The Truth

A single word can mean so much,

It often means more than a single touch.

Words touch the mind and last forever,

Even if there’s not much time to be spent together.

Heed those words and make them last,

As they shall be a memory that remains fresh in the past.

Words speak loud to reach your ears,

Perhaps that’s why they chase away your fears.

The words ‘I love you’ are delicate and true,

More delicate than the actions which are made by you.

Your actions are fast, but don’t last for long,

Then there are words to replace that song.

The Child That Lived

His smile could bring life to a million flowers, his laugh could light up the world. He lives in a world that frown upon those who are deemed different, different in a way that seems out of the ordinary.

His name was Leon, and to the world, he was different. Upon birth, Leon had a condition known as spina bifida, meaning his legs could never move. Many people would feel sorry for themselves, others would try to fit into a world that would never accept them, yet Leon gave a glimmer of hope to those who had already given up on the game of life.

It’s a known truth that a child’s mind will generate questions to be answered, so they can learn and grow. It was predicted that Leon would ask questions about his condition, why the other children could walk and why he had to spend his days pushing himself around in a wheelchair, however, the day never came when he questioned his difference, he simply smiled, laughed and played like any child.

A shock to many, Leon’s positive attitude showed the world just how easy it is to enjoy life, no matter your difference. It’s mind over matter, that’s all.

If you see a child in the street, cursed with something that may bring them comments of horror, remember Leon, and remember just how one small thing can make a difference.

Life is beautiful, no matter who you are.