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Perhaps, if you asked, maybe I could stay, And hold you like this, forever this way. You are my dreams, the glistening in the night, I’ll always be here, to catch you and hold you tight. If love is strong, then what does it mean, If I look at you, and see nothing but the dream? Maybe you’ll stay, and smile forever, Maybe you’ll stay with me, forever, whenever. Do my words reach your soft ears? Perhaps you dream of those wedding cheers. Maybe you’ll stay, and stay true to… Read more Maybe

The Moon And Stars

A drop of rain can mean a lot, It can burn a world, reveal the plot. As I look at you, I feel happy and proud, Yet one choice can cause storm clouds. On you go, your battle through life, Let us hope this won’t end with a knife. I am proud of you, you make me smile, Because of you, we’ve went that extra mile. The Moon and Stars shine down on you, No matter the outcome, I shall always love you. I’ll reach out to you, I am… Read more The Moon And Stars

I’m On My Way

As the years pass by, I feel the heartbreak, Not a day goes by when i don’t feel the ache. Heal it shall not, as you’re the pill, It’s the lack of your presence that’s making me ill. Yet heed my words, as I lie not, As the love that was there, will never be forgot. Time goes fast, and fast it shall go, I remember that day when we went with the flow. Yet heed my words! As our love was true! And know my heart was devoted to… Read more I’m On My Way