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Don’t Fail Me

I call upon a lover’s touch, To guide me under the twinkling stars. I am blind and deaf to much, but not all, So don’t lead me to a downfall. Deny me of all that you wish, You may take part of me. But promise me this, as it’s all I ask, Don’t fail me just because you can. Advertisements

A Day Of Comfort

When it’s dark at night, I can feel your arms, Only to wake and find nothing but sheets. I no longer pain, but I’ll always remember, Because the days with you were always a warm grasp. I’ll take the time to let time take me, To a place where I can smile again. I forever wonder if it’s the same for you, But then I remember that you’re happy without me. I shan’t break my tears for a day of comfort, For I know this is all part of my… Read more A Day Of Comfort

Midnight Bus

I’ll wait for you until the Sun dies down, I’ll stand right here until my feet are frozen. As the clock ticks by, my heart thuds once more, At least that’s one less time till I hear your breath. I’m not good at anything, but you’re worth my time, As your voice is an instrument I am willing to learn. It shouldn’t be long now, but by God, it’s cold, But don’t you worry, the midnight bus approaches.

Nothing To Hide

Tear me down if it means for your gain, I can take it, trust me, I’m used to this pain. I’ll take your blows if it means you’ll stay, Just tell me you love at the end of each day. I’ll dry your tears until you cry no more, Even though we’re a disgrace in the eyes of the law. Let out your anger, take back the tide, You have nothing to fear, for I have nothing to hide.

Willow Tree

Find me under the Willow Tree, For I feel like my home is nothing to view. I have no riches, nor gold to show, So don’t anticipate a dazzling display. I will give you a moment to prove me wrong, But note that chances are given too freely. So don’t take them for granted, don’t think too hard, As there’s more to me than my possessions may tell you. Find me under the Willow Tree, For I feel too afraid to show you my world.

More Than Fragile

I can hear the call of your gentle touch, Even though it’s a conscious nightmare. The Heaven’s above sing songs of beckoning hymns, But is the alternative life really a sweeter tale? If God is just, then why is there pain? Is it not enough to just take away our life? I suffer from memories that are more than fragile, Yet I know there is more pain to come.

Bare The Flames

Please blow me a kiss from the skies above, For I feel nothing on this lonely ground. I long for the wind just to feel something new, But even the cold grows old and desolate. My only hope is to hear your voice again, But truth be told, I don’t want to. I don’t want the pain, nor the bitter memories I hold, So I cast myself into a state of dormancy. I’ll be up there soon, then you may sing, But for now, I must sit here and bare… Read more Bare The Flames


I hear the rain topple down the glass like a ray of diamonds, They thud the window more than my heart thuds my ribs. Your eyes make me tremble, your heart makes me weak, Your skin is so soft, it makes me shiver like a thousand winters. But you turned away and stepped into the shade, Now all I see is the shadow from my tears. Your memory now sounds just like the rain, But now I have no diamonds to decorate you.