Nothing To Hide

Tear me down if it means for your gain,

I can take it, trust me, I’m used to this pain.

I’ll take your blows if it means you’ll stay,

Just tell me you love at the end of each day.

I’ll dry your tears until you cry no more,

Even though we’re a disgrace in the eyes of the law.

Let out your anger, take back the tide,

You have nothing to fear, for I have nothing to hide.

A Gentle Breeze

Time has passed, but I feel the same,

I still hear your voice like I can feel a flame.

It’s vivid and clear like a ray on Sun,

But I smile so fondly, though I’m sad we’re done.

When I feel down, I step outside,

As the world before me helps my emotions hide.

But remember this, I can’t move on with ease,

As loving you was as soft as a gentle breeze.