The Cold

You long the Sun once it hides away,

You wish for its cover when it means to stay.

You long for love when the cold creeps through,

Yet you wish it to change when it no longer suits you.

Why complain without letting time pass?
Why push things away, knowing it could be your last?

Don’t seek the change that your eyes wants more,

Don’t search for another and leave then stranded at the shore.

The Moon And Stars

A drop of rain can mean a lot,
It can burn a world, reveal the plot.
As I look at you, I feel happy and proud,
Yet one choice can cause storm clouds.
On you go, your battle through life,
Let us hope this won’t end with a knife.
I am proud of you, you make me smile,
Because of you, we’ve went that extra mile.
The Moon and Stars shine down on you,
No matter the outcome, I shall always love you.
I’ll reach out to you, I am always here,
A single smile can cause a cheer.
Hear my words, as all is done,
You are my only, my one true, son.