All For Nothing

I’ll fight the flame if I have to,

I’ll feel the burn upon my skin.

I know it’ll hurt, but it must be done,

In order for me to make it through.

It may be tough, and I could easily fall,

But my final thoughts will be of your lips.

I’ll rage through the storm just to hear you breathe,

But I shan’t shed a tear if it is all for nothing.


My Heart Is Your Home

I can taste the pain right on your tongue,

And for just a moment, my heart feels numb.

I know you’re afraid, but I shan’t hide,

For a moment in time can change the tide.

I’ll take the heat if it means you’ll smile,

Only for you, I’ll walk that mile.

Even though the journey is far,

I’ll always guide you, wherever you are.

Know just this; you are not alone,

And tell yourself this; my heart is your home.


I see my eyes as young as they’ve ever been,

Just as the day when I came into this world.

I wasn’t rich, but I could breathe,

Sometimes that’s enough to keep you going.

I never had a mother’s love, nor a life blessed with grace,

But I had riches worth more than gold, I had people worth knowing.

Sit by my, close to the river bank,

Take a look at our reflection.

Take a moment to feel the air,

And remember what’s worth living for.

A Bitter Coating

There’s a gentle calling that feels so natural,

But in the dimming embers lays a void of uncertainty.

A glimpse of a smile can send me into panic,

Yet a single moment can raise a thoughtless storm.

I could feel the smoke crawl across my skin,

Only to get burned as the light showed false hope.

The light was strong, promising, you could say,

But all things sweet have a bitter coating.

Nothing More Than A Scar

Each day I wake and feel a sadness,

It cuts me gently, yet it stings like a mourning.

I know time has passed, but nothing is the same,

Ever since you said goodbye, my chest has felt desolate.

It’s not your fault, I know it’s my own,

But I hate sleeping at night, just to wake to my own heartbeat.

Everything sends an echo through my hearts,

and it’s then when I can hear the tears calling me.

Raise me up, so I may fall,

At least, maybe, then I can feel human.

I fight the pain, yet it’s often too much,

But one day, I hope, it”s be nothing more than a scar.